Can we give advice without judgement?

Can we listen without judgement….our focus to hear FIRST?

I met a woman yesterday who laid her heart out before me. I listened intently offering no judgment or haste. I’m on vacation, we are floating on our loungers and I don’t have a care in the world, so I simply listen.

She tells me at the end, with an apologetic tone, that she is sorry for taking up my time, but that it felt so good to have someone to talk to- who isn’t dying to offer advice or to critique her decisions. Yikes, I am relieved she said that as I was just getting ready to start cueing her thoughts with my set of self-evaluating questions.

So I took my time in preparing what I thought would be the ONE thing I could say to not shower her with self-evaluation or inner doubt…

I said, “Letting go does feel good doesn’t it. I love how letting go to a nonjudgmental good listener offers relief to a busy mind and heart…but to never forget that letting go to God…who is always around and waiting for our partnership…offers all this and more. When partnered with God, His ear comes with support, guidance, strength, insight, acceptance, and love.”

And I waited…

She pressed her lips together and floated away.

Hum, maybe my one sentence was too much. (If you follow my blog, I can get a lot packed into one sentence-especially as I ignore all proper grammar to carry you through my thoughts) Maybe I should have simply loved, I thought. Yet, also confirming in my mind that I did love.

I passed by her on my way to supper. Caught her eye at entertainment later that night trying hard to send her a loving gracious smile…but nothing. I prayed and doubted a little.

Today, I sat perched on the edge of the pool at our resort, guess who came to sit by me? My new friend. She told me that I was like a little bird whistling outside her window. She said she has been feeling like God was wanting her back but she couldn’t hear Him or what He was saying or how she was supposed to return after her troubled past. I told her to start talking to him like she did with me. And that she already had because that was who was listening to her yesterday. That was why she felt no judgment or critique. I am sinful alone, but God lives in me and when I let Him do His work in me I am better. I smiled brightly at her and told her I could not wait to see the good work God is waiting to do for her and in her… as she reunites with this love and power. Her eyes filled with tears and she said, “Thank you” which we lifted up.

Be like a little bird today. Whistle outside a window the love of our Lord Jesus… sing a song of God’s great glory!

Faith Infused Living….Reaches Goals Higher!

Blessings, Niccie

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