Be encouragers to others…

Give us grace to be encouragers of others… may we be your blessing to everyone we meet. -A.R. Miffer

Today I met a joyful man in Walgreens outside of Minneapolis. Jeff and I came into town the night before an early flight and decided to make use of our hours in waiting. We stopped at a Walgreens, hoping to print our Christmas cards while we went out to eat and relaxed in the hot tub at our hotel.

We received the most awesome customer service. I cringe at my inclination to disregard one of our worker’s ability to serve us at the photo booth. This is shameful to admit but it is real, and so am I. There were two employees working the print shop; a young ‘technical’ looking man of 20 something and a senior of 70 or more. You can image my relief as the young man came to answer my questions. He responded promptly but pushed buttons without asking me, informed me of what can’t be done, and I have to admit eluded to that fact that it was unreasonable that I was unaware of the request being ridiculous. But, he got called away.

The older gentleman working drifted our way as I tried my best to problem solve with Jeff. Oh, did I get a lesson in hasty judgment. I send praises above to our Father who led me to see this man’s greatness. I smiled at him as he asked to help us do what the young man said was impossible. I thought to myself that I was in no hurry and if for nothing else, his smile reached my soul. I filled him in and he politely asked if he could help.

He asked me more questions then I asked him and slowly with my permission began clicking here and editing and reloading and “voila”! He did the impossible! What…impossible? This had me thinking.

Do you suppose we see things as impossible- based off of the knowledge we have at that time?

Jeff and I showered him with compliments and genuine gratitude but it was the almost missed opportunity to receive gifts; gifts of an accomplished task, the gift of reassurance to this man of his value and skill, and the gift of meeting someone new. Our new friend is a widower after 40 years of marriage, having lost his wife to uterine cancer. He is working full time as a senior based on his financial situation and HE was full of grace as I zeroed in on the young soul working this night, hoping he could help.

Today was a lesson to me- that the Holy Spirit performed in me by spurred my kindness to my senior as he walked our way, and I received the reward from this spurring.

Tonight I share with you encouragement, to have grace with those you meet. They could very well be your blessing,… You could very well be theirs.

Faith Infused Living….Reaching Goals Higher,

Niccie Kliegl, CLC

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