This community is formed to help transform, and inspire strong Christian leaders. There are many ways to deepen your relationship with God on my website and on my ‘Fulfill Your Legacy’ public Facebook Page. However, on this private page my goal is to give you more- investing in those who want to leave a legacy of Jesus behind.

I will focus on Christian living and leadership as it relates to 4 key elements:


To love from a heart of service and with a heart after God. We need a HEART OF HABITUE! (A heart that is in the ‘habit’ of loving others as God loves us.) Let’s commit to giving and adding value to the lives of those we come in contact with, just as Jesus taught us. Let’s count it a high honor and deep privilege to serve each other on our faith journey.


This is a busy and distracting world. We need more tools and resources available that infuse goodness and light into our days rather than sucking up our energy on useless worldly philosophy. We also need to have a HEART OF HABITUE! (A heart that desires to use the tools available to us for deepening our faith journey and relationship with God.) Legacy Leaders know the power there is to gain from a LIFE partnered with the TRIUNE and fed by the living Word.


Awaking the Living Legacy is an interactive toolkit including 6 of my most sought after coaching programs. I push the boundaries and borders with a passion to help others boldly live a life partnered with God in an immensely secular world. I want you to have access to these tools and many more. In this group you will also be able to take advantage of weekly group coaching to help you use the tools and apply them toward your life and goals.


Our purpose is simple: leading others to the legacy Jesus left behind for us. We have the most amazing leader of all times but in todays times following Him is getting drowned out by convenience, self-serving, and love of the 'world'. There are still bands of passionate followers and It is our job to reach the masses. I created this group to inspire, raise up new, and to encourage leaders to unite in living lives deeply partnered with God and with a passion bold enough to want to do their part to change the world.

Involvement in the community is so important to its growth and ability to make a huge impact on the world.

Thanks in advance for all the action you will take. 


In this community I hope to see encouragement, support, and requests for guidance being shared.

  1. This is a safe community intended to help people grow. (Please do not post any derogatory or hurtful comments. You will be banned from the group.)
  2. If you are a new member, introduce yourself and be prepared for Niccie to invite you to share your story in an upcoming podcast. (optional)
  3. Invite your friends who you think would benefit from the group. (Send me an email with their name, invite them and I will get back to them, or direct them to the legacy leader page on my website.)
  4. Content posts will be rolled out in blog form only and will go through the guest blog process. I love for you to share your content with the other members! (You can find guidelines for guest blogging in Legacy Leaders Mastermind Facebook page files).
  5. Call out posts (request for encouragement, advice, or input) is what this page is all about. Share struggles you are going through, and respond to others with Christian sound advice. (If a member has a need that misaligns with the groups intent I will personally reach out for help or clarification.)
  6. Commenting on member requests. Build community on this page by kindly supporting others is ideal. Comments of encouragement and support to member requests are welcome as often as the requests are posted.
  7. You may find there is an image/quote/statement you wish to share periodically. Simply message me and I will let you know when and if you may post. Most likely this will be more about when to post as you wouldn’t be a member to begin with unless our values were greatly inline already
  8. This is not a political forum. (Absolutely no political posts will be included.)
  9. If you have a product or service that you think would benefit the group, let me know. I will have days where promotion is ok. 
  10. I expect to see a HEART OF HABITUE in every single post this group makes. (A heart that looks to the Triune for insight.) Any posts Niccie feels are outside of her requests- she will quietly remove and send a private message or call to explain.


–Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN
Fulfill Your Legacy www.nicciekliegl.com