About Your Gift – Not Your Age


A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.
Proverbs 18:16

I was coaching a beautiful woman today who asked me if I thought she was just too old to try something new in her work life. Her heart was in this new venture, it filled her with passion, it’s work clearly served the Lord greatly, and yet she hesitated. I asked her how she thought God would answer that. And I asked her to consider the gifts she had- because of Him. And then I asked her if she was using her God-given gifts in this new place and how that made her heart, mind, and soul feel- as she used them.

She laughed and said, “Yes, that does answer the question, and if I died doing this work, I would be happy.” So there is our answer. When we are doing good work, it feels good AND right. Here, in this good and right place, we live within the Glory of God and that is a good for anyone, any age, any color, size or level of stature.

This evening let’s go to bed with thoughts of doing ‘good’ work. I like to call it “God’s work”. Let’s dream big and set goals and live within the Glory of God the Father!

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