A Growing Plan


Looking ahead, with plans to grow together!

Daily Words of Encouragement followers…Our blog and postings that are fed to Facebook have gone from just a few followers, when I started, to thousands at times. We now have people from several countries following our posts. Even some who read very little English, yet they show up and look for anything they can glean.

It has been important to me that our posts are real, relatable, and be inspiring regardless of our readers varying faith journey. We have deeply rooted Christians and new to the faith followers that I see as opportunities for fellowship and spurring.

Finding ways to connect to as many people without losing my identity, or our community is written on my heart. Here is my plan for future posts. (Feel free to give me feedback after we get going on this path.)

Monday: “More On Us Monday,” These Monday blogs and Facebook posts will be related to community building. I will share a little of who I am and will ask if anyone wants to share a little of who they are. (Always an option, never a must.) I may post a favorite quote or Bible verse…and ask for yours. These inquiries will share a bit of who I am so people see more than just my opinion, learning just who God has made me to be. I hope it will slowly give us a sense of community and fellowship for possible use later. Like for prayer requests or advice.

Tuesday: “Taking Requests Tuesday,” Many of you ask me where I get my ideas for the posts. So often the answer is YOU 🙂 Yep, often someone has emailed, texted, or Facebook messaged me a topic request or idea. Thanks! Keep it coming and use any of the above-listed ways or my contact me page, off my website. You may even call me or hand me a slip of paper with a quote or an idea on it. Tuesday will be a day where I post what you are wanting to hear about.

Wednesday: “Work On It Wednesday,” This will be a day where I post a coaching tip. I will have fun with this one and love the idea of giving us all something faith-infused and growth inspiring to work on.

Thursday: “Vlogging Thoughts Thursday,” Are you wondering what vlogging means? It’s just a fancy word for videoing what you would normally put in a blog post. The thing is, not everyone learns the same and many people just like to click play, hear a message, and move on. This is to reach people in a different way.

Friday: “Feel-it Friday,” This is Niccie’s choice. All I can say is that some of my best blogs happened simply because I felt it, and acted on it. So I want to save one day a week for me paying attention to the Holy Spirit and then acting on it.

Saturday: “Inspiring Image Saturday,” It’s the weekend! I want to add value to your day but at the same time, I want to take it easy a bit. I see so many great posts out of others that are quick and simple. Just an inspiring image and quote, sentence, or short prayer. This will let me stay in touch but also kick back a bit for the weekend.

Sunday: “Scripture Sunday,” This will be a post that really dissects a scripture or message. Along the same line, it’s the weekend and I want to plan for a little rest on the weekend. I could do this post any time throughout the week and schedule it to send out on Sunday Morning.


I hope this sounds good and a little exciting for you all 🙂

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN


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