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Niccie Kliegl, Launch Your Legacy

Four times a year I help a handful of passionate individuals ‘Launch Your Legacy’. Each spring, summer, winter, and fall I open my doors to several new entrepreneurs who have a passion to take their hope of kicking off or developing their faith-based online business. It has become one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.

I had too many of my coaching clients end their sessions with me wanting to turn their new found life purpose and passion, into a day job. That was where we left it, often referring them on to others. Sometimes they flew and sometimes the didn’t. It broke my heart to see some of these dreams fall off the wayside. And before long I began to know that I could help. To be honest with you, starting your own business is not easy. Even when you know God is behind you, in front of you, and all around you.

So after enough people reached out, asking me to help them do what I’ve done, I began to feel I should share all the shortcuts and ‘how to’s’ that took me hours and hours, nope months and now years to learn. There is no sense for me to keep all of this to myself and as I help others jump start and fast track their dream job I can see it has been a true blessing to not only them, and all of God’s people that they will be reaching, but also to me.

For years I have helped others reach their goals and achieve success with them. Teaching others well is a passion of mine. I suppose because of my dyslexia. I had to learn ‘how to learn’ in a different way than most. I know how important it is to explain why…and not to just give a step or say, “Do this.” If I can SHOW someone how to do something it takes all the confusion and many hours for learning out of the task.

That is what Launch Your Legacy is all about. Thursday, July 12th I will be starting my summer Launch Your Legacy group. I try to keep it to just 8 members so I can help them each independently. We start at the beginning, Passion, Purpose, Products, Promotion… touching on so much of the ‘how to’s’. From websites, social media use, content creation… really everything to jump start your faith-based practice.

I am reaching out to you all with the hope to connect with anyone struggling to kick off their current faith-based practice…or to someone who has the heart to begin one and simply doesn’t know where to start.

I have 3 spots left. Click HERE to just see what I am up to and for details of the program…


Please reach out to me if you have a desire or if you know of someone else ready to Launch their Legacy!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

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