It’s ‘Work On It Wednesday’ and today I am going to give a shout out to my dear friends Karen and Joe. They read Awaking the Living Legacy, got moved by the Spirit, and now feel the call to share it with their church in a Bible study lasting through Thanksgiving. They start tonight and I am so delighted to see how they will spark their passion for a God-partnered life with their church friends.

This made me think about some of my dear clients, friends, and family who speak of me doing the business I am in as some bold step toward fulfilling my call. The thing is I should be forthright with the hundreds of people who get these emails. We do not need to always quit our jobs, head to another country, and sell all of our prized possessions to be living out the life God has called us to.

Can you name the mother or father of Mother Teresa? How about the very first Christian film writer which went on to plant a seed in ‘millions’ who might otherwise never hear a message of faith? For every person that goes out and does something that the public can see, there are many who affected their life, allowing them the position to go and do in a big or public way.

We can forget how important the ‘going and doing’ during the PLANTING TIME is. (I speak of this when I coach) The grandmas and grandpas, pastors and teachers, moms and dads, even awesome friends and leaders that shape one person’s life and plant a seed that changes things for a lifetime. I sat on a plane this week doing my Bible study. I never gave it a thought other than ‘Hot diggity, I have a couple hours to get caught up and ahead!’ Shortly into the flight, the man sitting next to me said, “I see you read the Bible.” Yikes, I quickly went into nurse mode scanning his nonverbals for crucial information on his preparedness for my next breath. “Yes, I enjoy it so much. Do you?” I said this with a sweet and sincere smile.

“No, I can’t say I ever have. I really don’t read that well.”

Now those of you who know me will also know that God sent this gentleman straight to me, right? “I smiled reassuringly and said, “I understand, I didn’t read really well until I was around 13 and not great until I was in my twenties. (Grammer and English will be my crutch, but it will not stop me)

His eyes got big. I then said, “Do you wish you read the Bible?” He shared with me how he goes to church, and listens on the kitchen radio if he has to miss. He said he was a religious man but he of course ‘never wrote a book’. I almost felt sad. Probably more humbled, and said, ‘Oh, but I can tell you’ve done great work for God- just by our conversation.’ This is when he told me a passionate story of raising his grandson. His grandson is now a very talented musician, who works at a ‘big and fancy’ church, leading their music program. I smiled and made sure he thought on how awesome it was that he lived out the call God certainly placed before him, and how different the grandchild’s life would have been had he not had his grandpa. Not to mention all the folks his grandson will impress upon in the next generation.

A great ripple effect, we Christians can have on each other. This is the work God calls us to do. Yes, our world is full of bad, but we can do our part.

And I see how we do.

Today’s very long post is about truly knowing how important your place in this world is. As a mother, father, grandfather or grandmother. As a boss, a friend, and community member…We are affecting this world. Today’s post is meant to inspire you to own the place you are in, the people you lead, and the neighbors you have.

You, in your everyday life, can be a disciple of men… Own your place… Love, go, and serve. That is our call.


Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC





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