Happy Father’s Day

I am getting ready for bed tonight with thoughts of my three fathers. Yep, three. All fabulous and all perfect in my eyes.

My father Ron gave me my drive. He is a no excuses kind of guy but he is also a kind man. I can see that I possess much of this same disposition. Growing up I always knew the response I would get from him, “Toughen up Nic-Poo. Pull it together Wass.”, he would tell me. I went to him whenever I needed to hear these stern loving words of direction.

My stepfather Ray, was the encourager. To be honest, nobody wants two dads if they don’t have to. But, I can not imagine God’s hands being absent in the arrangements of me receiving these two men in my life. As I was pushed by my dad Ron to work harder and be stronger, Ray would be telling me I could do anything with God’s help. (Does that sound familiar?)

How could I go wrong with these two wonderful fathers in my life? Well, partly because I am human and true to form, I would do just that; fail, slip up, and fall short at times. But wait…

That is when I was comforted, reassured, and supported by the Father we all know and love. The father of all… OUR Father!

Today is Father’s day, and I type with watery eyes for these wonderful men,

I love them all, Thank you, dear fathers!

Happy Fathers day friends! Go love on your fathers who are still here to love. Shoot them a text or email if you haven’t yet gotten them a card.  Send a prayer of thanksgiving off to those who are now gone. And, definitely, give thanks to your Heavenly Father!

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN, Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  


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