More Of You. Less Of Me.

More of You, Less of Me

More of You, Less of Me


Today is our “Feel it Friday” post and I woke this morning to this song playing in my mind and written in my heart.  Today, Let’s consider where we need to let go. What things do we need to ask God to reform in us so we can be more Christ-like?

For me, I need a constant invitation for God to help me prioritize my life. Christ knew what he and the disciplines needed. He knew when to go, when to rest, when to pray, and when to commune. I could literally work day and night but I feel called to balance this out more. Today I will pray for more of this insight from God, and the ability to use His ‘everything’ to carry it out. What about you? What can you call on God for and what can you let go of?

Blessing Friends,

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