Home in the winter

Good Morning Friends & Merry Christmas,

I hope your Christmas is proving to be a great blessing. Maybe some of you made it home for the holiday, while others found great joy in preparing your home for your loved ones. Lastly, I hope each of us are soaking in the brightest blessing of all… Our Savior.

I loved this picture with it’s dark but also beautiful world surrounding ‘home’.

The tree and bright star shining high above it all is a great reminder of what is to come… and is leading us home.

We do all we can to make our worldly home a blessing. I even wrote a book about it this year, but this Christmas morning I want us to remember that this blessing cannot compare to our eternal home given to us by Jesus…

Our Savior.

Do all you can to find, enjoy and live in your eternal home found with Jesus,

Merry Christmas,

I made a gift for you and put it under the tree.







I wanted to help my Legacy Leaders have a hugely God-partnered and successful 2020, so I made an awesome planner with monthly and daily sheets, with inspiration, goal setting, tracking, and planning.

The Legacy Leaders are a group of men and women who desire to get to know God in a way that elevates them and those they love to new places.

It can be used on regular 8X11 paper with a 3 hole binder…or print two pages on one sheet, fold the paper in half use it with a small binder.

I also put together a short video explaining how the Legacy Leaders will be using it.

Just one more way to get us closer to home and living in the light each and every day. (Here’s an image of it and enjoy this FREE gift from me to you)



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